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7 Reasons why yard signs are worth the investment

Do you want to make an impact but don’t know where to start? Consider investing in yard signs! Not only are they eye-catching and cost-effective, but they can also help draw attention to your business or campaign. From boosting visibility and garnering support, to building awareness of a special event, this simple solution has multiple benefits that could work wonders for your cause.

Yard signs are a great way to advertise and promote campaigns, businesses, events, and more! But why?

Here are seven reasons why investing in yard signs is worth the effort:

1. Remain Seen & Remembered: With high visibility, easy installation, and affordable price points – plus the fact that they remain in situated all day long – yard signs make sure your message remains seen by potential customers or visitors. This ensures you stay top of mind when they reach decision-making time.

2. Unique Message Control: Yard signs don’t require any fancy technology or extra steps to implement – that means it’s up to you how frequently you need to change out messages based on current needs or goals. And because people always look for something new each time they pass by, it’s easy to keep them engaged with constant updates without breaking the bank!

3. Low-Cost Marketing Tool: Yard signs are some of the least expensive forms of advertising available today – making them an excellent marketing tool for any organization looking for economic ways to spread their message. Additionally, many sign companies offer bulk discounts helping organizations get even better bang for their buck!

4. Flexible Placement Options: Unlike billboards or other large format outdoor ads which require significant overhead costs such as renting space from real estate firms (often coupled with restrictions on placement), yard signs can be placed almost anywhere within reason–giving organizations complete control over who sees their message and when it’s visible! Plus there are no rules against changing locations quickly if needed; all you have to do is drive around with your stack of pre-made signage ready to go whenever desired!

5. Media Attention Generator: With terms such as “yard bombing”, and “yard signing” becoming increasingly popular amongst creative marketers due to recognition given from media outlets like TV news outlets across America and beyond has caused more organizations than ever before to want in on the fun… Sudden spikes in sales due to attention generated by unexpected campaigns are making this great form of advertising undeniably valuable investment as a result!

6. Engage Multiple Audiences At Once: Whether it’s potential customers driving by, pedestrians walking past, or community members looking at aerial views online – potentially seeing your branding every day will create buzz & excitement while also ensuring brand loyalty remains high throughout targeted areas!

7 Long Lasting Impact: Finally yard signs stay long after other forms of print media fade away whether it’s because weather elements deteriorate flyers during rainfalls often washing away information or windy environments where posters covering telephone poles fade into obscurity … That makes Your campaign stand out From The rest while delivering lasting impressions throughout entire communities!


Final thoughts

If you’re still not convinced that yard signs are worth the investment, give Screen Works a call. We’ll be happy to help get your custom-printed sign project started. After all, we’re in the business of making your marketing dreams – no matter how big or small – come to life. From banner stands and directional signage to vinyl stickers and magnets, we’ve got you covered.

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