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Monument signage is a type of outdoor sign installed directly on the ground. It can be used by a single company or by a multi-tenant establishment such as shopping centers. Because it’s strategically placed lower to the ground and at eye level, people walking or driving by can see it easily. Monument signs are intended to be extensions of your brand, which is why they must compliment your branding strategy. For this to be successful, you must choose the right kind of signage material that suits your needs, budget, and goals.

When it comes to making a big statement for your Michigan business, it’s hard to beat the commanding luxury of a professional monument sign. Unlike the more traditional forms of signage, these beautiful constructions are installed away from the actual building they promote and are generally placed near the entryway into a business area or campus.

One of the most important components of monument signage is that it can be architecturally designed. Unlike other types of signage that use vinyl, plastic, and electricity, architectural monument signs are actually made out of the same materials that are used to construct commercial buildings. In addition to providing lots of options for customization, these signs also create a sense of importance and permanence around a business or business complex.