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Channel letter signs can be a three-dimensional graphic or letters mounted to an indoor or outdoor wall. Typically made out of aluminum or acrylic, this signage style offers a diversity of customizable options and can be tailored to incorporate various fonts, colors, and sizes. This makes custom channel letter signs ideal for business owners looking to create a captivating commercial environment for customers, employees, and business partners alike.

Custom Channel letter signage allows you to create a more professional-looking space, regardless of your specific industry. Lots of business owners try to make their outdated acrylic or synthetic signs last as long as possible. While this may seem to be a smart way of saving money, it actually ends up hurting your company by reducing the flow of customers into your commercial space. Investing in new signage options, like channel lettering, is the perfect way to let customers know that your business means business.

Like most professional signage, these stylish letters can be customized to perfectly fit the style, branding, and ethos. With highly versatile materials and virtually limitless options for font, size, and color, there are many different styles of channel letters you can use to bolster your promotional efforts. 

For further information, please click here to utilize the worksheet that helps us create best possible channel letters for you.