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Screen Works is a leading provider of digital signage solutions in Michigan that help businesses to capture and engage their audience. We offer innovative technology to help our customers create dynamic, interactive spaces with engaging visuals that build meaningful connections.

Leverage Technology to Enhance Your Brand Image

Transform your business with Screen Works

Create unforgettable experiences with Screen Works aluminum signs! Our lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant signs ensure that your brand stays front and center. Constructed to last, they come in a range of custom shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect piece for your marketing campaign.

With Screen Works as your partner, you can use large-scale interactive screens to make your customer experience more immersive—including promotions that constantly change to stay ahead of the competition. With Screen Works’ LCDs and LEDs, you can provide must-see content in vibrant detail with extraordinary life-like animated visuals backed by research that shows dynamic digital signage draws consumer attention three times longer than traditional static advertising campaigns.


Looking For The High-Quality

Looking For The High-Quality

We are creating effective digital signage solutions to get your messages seen! Our digital signs near you are here to revolutionize how you deliver your brand and marketing initiatives. Transform environments, engage customers, create memorable experiences, and expand your messaging reach with Screen Works. At Screen Works, we understand the needs of our customers and their dedication to reaching larger audiences through outdoor advertising whether you need digital sign boards, digital marquee signs, led digital signage, etc we got you covered. That’s why we provide powerful digital signage options that allow you to display dynamic graphics, videos, images, and other interactive content without any longer setup times.

Why Do You Need Digital Signs?

Businesses across a range of industries understand that digital signage is becoming their go-to mode of communication. As digital signage solutions continue to gain recognition, many see it as the most efficient way to get a message across. Here is the reasons why you need digital signs in your business:


Research shows that digital signage has up to 10 times more impact compared to traditional static displays. Digital signs can display vivid multimedia content, animations, and personalized messaging that captures customers' attention, resulting in better engagement and memorability.

Boost Sales

Digital signs are proven to have a positive impact on sales. When strategically placed, they can influence customer behavior, prompting them to make impulse purchases, upsell, or cross-sell. Digital signs can also showcase promotions, discounts, and special offers, driving more traffic to your business.

Information Sharing

As businesses grow, they get more complex, and there's a lot of information that customers need to access. Digital signage provides a platform for disseminating up-to-date information such as directions, product information, menu boards, and event schedules, providing customers with an intuitive and seamless experience.

Reduce Cost

Digital signage streamlines operations by automating tasks that would require manual intervention. For example, digital menu boards enable restaurants to update their menus instantly, reducing printing costs, eliminating waste, and ensuring consistency. Digital signs also reduce staff workload, enhancing efficiency and performance.

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