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Corrugated Signs- Custom-printed, lightweight signs from Screen Works are one of the most affordable sign solutions for businesses!

If your business is looking for new sign-holder slide-in signs for sidewalk displays, or needing point of purchase retail signs used to increase in-store sales, or looking to change out an old a-frame with a brand new advertising campaign, printing custom corrugated signs are the way to go.

Corrugated signage is constructed similar to cardboard, but instead of being made from paper, the fluted construction of corrugated signs are made from polypropylene plastic making them weather resistant. Also because of the super thin fluted extrusions interwoven between two sheets, these signs are very lightweight while maintaining their rigid structure.

Corrugated signs can be seen everywhere. Few most common applications of such signs are – Yard Signs, Real Estate, Graduation, Safety $ Security, etc.

Screen Works offers one sided printing for signage used as a wall hanging or attached to a similar surface when both sides are not needed. However if these signs are intended to be seen from both directions, we offer double sided printing for only a few dollars more.