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Stay Safe on the Water with Clear and Concise Waterway Signage

As the summer months approach, boating season is in full swing and it’s important to remember one of the key aspects of staying safe out on the water: clearly marked signage. From the dock to the beach, strong custom signage helps ensure that people are able to stay connected with their surroundings while avoiding hazards — both those they can see and those lurking beneath the waves. By laying out specific rules for boat operators, visitors can rest assured that everyone at sea is following a unified set of safety requirements. That’s why it’s so important to choose high-quality, easily understood signs that will maximize visibility and encourage compliance when displayed prominently in marinas and pier areas. Keep reading to learn more about how you can create clear signs for your waterside locations!

Why do you need clear and concise waterway signage?


It’s important to stay safe on the water by having clear and concise waterway signage systems in place. Proper water signs convey safety information that can help prevent accidents, protect natural resources, and alert boaters of potential hazards. Waterway signs provide a number of benefits including better communication between recreational boaters and commercial vessels, increased public awareness about navigational rules, improved safety for marine life and wildlife as well as reduced congestion on waterways.

When considering your signage system have an overall design plan in mind with considerations for how things look from varying distances so it is not overly cluttered or confusing when viewed either up close or from farther away. Additionally, there are Federal laws that require certain types of signage; these requirements must be met before other non-obligatory signs are installed. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) plays a major role in promoting navigation safety in the US waterways by developing regulations regarding navigation marks and buoys which may often include waterway signs (including regulatory buoyage systems).

Before any construction of new structures begins within a navigable channel, permission must be granted by the USCG District Office through a Regulatory Marking Request process – this does not apply to self-made tools such as handcrafted paddles or sailboat rigging but does pertain to items such as docks or bridges built across the channel.

A design guide for Waterway Signage


High visibility materials should be used for every part of your sign due to the fact it will need to catch attention from afar due mainly because we do not have monitors observing each vessel constantly throughout their route. Also, fonts size needs to vary according to very reasonable guidelines: a minimum of 30 cm high lettering is recommended from 10 meters away; 40 cm if seen from 30 meters distance; 1 meter if seen from 100 meters away; etc.). Bright colors contrast against regular backgrounds, either painted on structures or digitally printed onto fabric panels will also increase visibility during foggy days where one might want extra assurance they are navigating correctly at the normal speed limit without fear they breach regulation restrictions for speed limits near marinas/harbors/ports/aquatic parks, etc. Finally, keep messages short yet succinct while striving them widely visible even under poor conditions – use positive phrases with no double meaning like “Keep Out” rather than “Do Not Enter” – which can inadvertently convey an opposite message depending upon cultural context!

Best Waterway Signage solutions near you


Signage for bodies of water must be taken seriously. Simple safety signs with concise and relevant messages can help swimmers and boaters stay safe. Knowing these guidelines will not only save you time but also potentially save a life! So, why not get the best safety signs you can find to ensure that you and your family stay safe around waterways? At ScreenWorks, we offer High-quality Waterway signage with durable materials so you don’t have to worry about your signs fading or becoming illegible over time. Our signs are also customizable so they meet all of your water safety needs. Contact us today and let’s develop your perfect sign package for staying safe on the water!