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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Magnetic for Your Car

Are you ready to get your car rolling with a personalized magnetic sign? If so, you’re in the right place! With an array of shapes, styles, and colors available, creating your very own car magnet is easier than ever.

Whether it’s for showcasing your business or displaying a message or logo on a vehicle, these magnets provide fun and functional ways to decorate any vehicle.

Let’s explore everything there is to know about getting started – from measuring the size that fits your needs best to designing the perfect look – and take advantage of this inexpensive yet effective form of advertising today!

Promote your business with a custom magnet

Getting a magnetic sticker for your car is an easy and cost-effective way to express yourself while on the road.

Magnets are perfect for showing off team pride, promoting a business, or simply displaying a message that you want everyone to know!

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your very own magnet for your car:

First of all, you’ll want to decide what kind of magnets you’d like. There are many different sizes and shapes available such as:

  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Circles
  • Ovals
  • Custom designs

The list goes on and on! When determining size and shape it may help if you measure out the area where the magnet will be placed. This will ensure that when ordering online (or in-store) your desired dimensions are correct!

It’s also important to note that some states have rules regarding how large vehicle decals like this can be. So check with local regulations before committing to anything too large.

Choose material wisely

When deciding what type of material or adhesive should be used it’s recommended to use magnets made with high-quality materials including rubberized vinyl or flexible PVC-coated magnetic sheeting.

This ensures that the magnet remains securely attached even after being exposed to wind over long drives at high speeds!

Adhesive-backed magnets work great against most metal surfaces but always test a small area first just in case there is any damage caused by removal afterward.

Lastly, make sure whatever design decision is made comes from reputable companies able to provide quality products backed by warranty protection so you can feel confident knowing it’s going last over several years worth of travels down USA’s roads!

Get your business on the road to success

Once all these decisions have been made now all that’s left is finding a provider who can supply them at an affordable rate.

Many auto part stores offer custom printing services however they tend to have higher prices than those who specialize exclusively in stickers/magnets like Screen Works, which also offers expert consultancy on Magnetic signs!

With their help, anyone can easily get their hands on creating custom marketing visuals perfectly tailored to their brand without breaking the bank!

Top Benefits of car magnetic sign

1. Increased Visibility:

One of the primary benefits of car magnetic signs is that they increase the visibility of your vehicle. This is especially beneficial if you use your vehicle for business purposes, as it can help to increase brand awareness and generate more leads. Additionally, car magnetic signs are also useful for personal vehicles, as they can help you to stand out from the crowd and make it easier for people to find your car in a parking lot.

2. Affordable Advertising:

Another benefit of car magnetic signs is that they are an affordable form of advertising. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, such as television or radio ads, car magnetic signs can be produced relatively cheaply. Additionally, there is no need to pay for airtime or print space, as car magnetic signs can be placed on your vehicle free of charge.

3. Easy to Use:

Car magnetic signs are also easy to use, as they can be applied and removed quickly and easily. This is beneficial if you only want to use them for a short period of time, such as during a special promotion or event. Additionally, if you change your mind about using them, car magnetic signs can be removed without damaging your paint job or leaving any residue behind.

4. Weather Resistant:

Another advantage of car magnetic signs is that they are weather resistant. This means that they will not fade or become damaged when exposed to sunlight or other elements. Additionally, car magnetic signs are also resistant to scratches and scuffs, which ensures that they will maintain their quality for a long time to come.

5. Versatile:

Car magnetic signs are also versatile, as they can be used on a variety of different vehicles. This includes cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and even boats. Additionally, car magnetic signs can be placed on any flat surface on your vehicle, making it easy to find the perfect spot for them

Bottom line

Now that you know everything there is to know about magnetic car signs, it’s time to choose the right company for the job.

Screen Works has years of experience printing high-quality decals that will make your car look sharp. We can even customize your design to fit any space on your vehicle. Give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you.