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Transform your building with the exterior signage – Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you ready to give your building a facelift? Install exterior signage and take its curb appeal to the next level! Whether you own a professional office, retail store, restaurant – or anything in between for that matter – exterior signs are essential for not only making your business stand out from the competition but also keeping existing customers coming back. But how do you choose the right signage when there are endless options? Read on as we break down what types of exterior signs will best fit your building and how they’ll help boost both visibility and sales.

Understand the effective signage

To transform your building with exterior signage, you need more than just pretty pictures – you need to understand the science and art of creating effective signs. Signage is an effective way to draw attention to your business, but it’s important to be aware of how people view these signs in order for them to really pop.

You want your sign to be eye-catching without being distracting or too visually busy; one trick is making sure there are no competing elements that could take away from the primary message of your sign. You should also consider what kind of environment your sign will live in and pay close attention to local ordinances for public signage so that you’re not running afoul of any laws or regulations when designing a new exterior sign.

Structure of the frame

Next, you should think about the shape and structure of the frame itself. Not all frames will look great on all buildings; sometimes the architecture can get in the way, literally! Make sure whichever style frame you choose complements both its surroundings as well as your overall brand aesthetic. Beyond plain shapes like rectangles and circles, there are plenty of custom decorative frames available that can give extra pizzazz – while still being practical – if executed correctly. You’ll also want to consider different materials based on their durability requirements (i.e., metal vs plastic) as well as whether they are energy-efficient options such as LED lights versus traditional light bulbs which may cost more in electricity over time). Don’t forget about color coordination either; depending on where each side faces, having complementary shades or hues is essential for maintaining a cohesive look throughout your building’s exterior signage designs!

Think about placement

Consider what’s visible from each angle around your building – pedestrians walking by. Is traffic passing through? An internal courtyard? Knowing this information will help determine which type/size/placement will work best for maximum visibility when passersby inevitably stop and gaze at all those awesomely transformed exteriors!


Investing in a good exterior sign for your building can make a huge difference visually and can be more impactful than many other marketing efforts. Signs are an important investment that will add value to your business, providing you with more visibility and brand recognition. Exterior signage is an effective and lasting form of advertisement, giving customers a direct line to the information they need. With the right exterior visuals, you can ensure that your place of business represents your company’s brand and brings customers into the space. You can choose from a wide variety of sign types suitable for any kind of building or business – however, it’s important to consult experienced professionals when designing, installing, and maintaining exterior signs. This ensures great results and a long-lasting product that will help promote your business for years to come.